My love of hair and make-up spans the better portion of three decades.

My name is Kim Steele. I love all things about being "Girly." My calling to the beauty industry came quite early as I was fascinated by my mother's beauty products as a toddler. I would often times break her lipsticks in an effort to try them out myself. I decided upon getting my Barbie Beauty Center at the age of eight that hair and makeup was my calling. I damaged a few dolls along the way, and eventually went to school for both hair and makeup. I started out working in several hair salons in 1989 and continued to practice my makeup skills on my colleagues. In 1999, I made the leap from salons to working with photography studios doing both hair and makeup for acting headshots and model portfolios. I also found representation through an agency. My strength is the equal balance between both hair and makeup. Along with these skills, I stay focused on quality and timing thanks to my true Virgo nature in attention to detail. My bar is high, and I hold myself to the maximum standard. Through the years, I have had the absolute pleasure to not only work with amazing magazines such as People, Glamour, and Time, but I've worked with top photographers, such as Nigel Parry and Mary Ellen Mark. I have also had the pleasure to work with notable designers such as Michael Kors, Donna Karan, and Issac Mizrahi for fashion events where they have personally appeared in the Washington DC area. I am lucky enough to have also worked with talented actors and actresses such as Russell Crowe, Seth Rogen, Kate Hudson, and Julianne Moore to name a few. I have been asked to contribute to several Conde Nast publications with my picks of favorite products and techniques for applying makeup, and also acted as a contributing beauty editor for Washington Life magazine for a period of time. Along with a strong work ethic, I also possess a wicked sense of humor that comes out from time to time. I love what I do for a living and enjoy every opportunity I get to work.

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Image re-set list of services and fee schedule

The goal is to meet, and find out what the clients needs are. The first part of the process is a detailed questionnaire to be filled out prior to the first meeting. The next part is a initial consultation where we discuss the level of service needed, along with getting to know the client a little more in depth and understanding the ultimate goal. The consult can be performed via Face Time, or Skype.

Tier 1: This service is the most basic. This visit will be doing a seasonal run-through dealing with where we are in the calendar year ( IE March would qualify as spring) together we will go through a clients current clothing for that season, delete pieces that are unusable and create a list of needs for the client to obtain. Measurements will also be taken, along with advisement on proper sizing and recommendations for tailoring. 2 hours is allotted in this process and the cost is $150. Accessories can be added into this service where we look at shoes, jewelry , scarves hats etc and each additional hour beyond the 2 will be billed at $60 per. It is advised to look at accessories as it can change an outfit completely! This can be completed in 1 session.

Tier 2: This service has all the components of tier 1 with the addition of a shopping session where I will have pre-located and pulled out items for the client to try on. this service will have a 5 hour minimum with the cost being $375 (the cost will be altered if accessories are gone through in the home visit going beyond the 2 hour allotted time. Also shoes and accessories can be shopped for as well in the shopping session. Each addition 1/2 hour will be billed at $30 beyond the original 2 hours for home and the subsequent 3 hours of shopping) This can be completed in 2 sessions.


Tier 3: Included in this package is the components of tiers 1 and 2 with the addition of grooming products, advisement on skin care, recommendations on hair style, color etc. and makeup advisement. An additional questionnaire will accompany this package in order to best understand the clients needs in regards to products. This will be at a minimum 2 hours devoted to the grooming part of this package along with the 5 hours of the above mentioned home pull, and shopping session. This can be completed in 2 separate sessions with the grooming products, advisements etc. Happening at the time of home visit and going through clothing.

Facts and statistics: If a client spends $200 on clothing per month that’s $2,400 per year. Its estimated that most people only wear 30% of their wardrobe because they don’t fit into or end up liking the rest. So that’s wearing $720 of the $2,400 spent and wasting $1,680. Hiring a stylist who can advise on not only clothing, but is also a commercial level hair and makeup artist will cost roughly $500 to $700 and that’s adding in extras. That is still saving a major amount of money and being well put together in the process.


Please e-mail me or call me for further imformation:
Cell: 703-597-9955

Model Testing/Headshots

I can be hired to provide onsite hair and makeup for photo sessions. I stay thoroughout the entire session and provide assistance to make sure makeup and hair stay fresh and make sure that you look your absolute best. For a smaller fee, clients are welcome to come and have makeup and hair done in my studio setting, and then travel out independently to their prospective photo session. Please e-mail me at for pricing.

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Wedding Pricing

Hair/Makeup consultation and run through:
hair only $120 or makeup only $120

Hair and Make Up - $220
Just Hair OR Just Make Up - $160

For each member of your bridal party:
Hair and Make Up - $200
Just Hair - $120
Just Make Up - $110

The consult will be scheduled in advance of your event, payment for the consult is due that day. You may pay by personal check or cash, whichever you prefer. Please note that consult and day of Service charges are separate. The Address for the consult is 8473 Carmela Circle Springfield, Va 22153. Use for directions. *Please note there is a travel fee for your event $60 within a 20 mile radius.(if beyond 20 miles please contact me for a quote.)

If you decide to book, please send me an email to and be sure to include your phone number, email address, the date, time and location of your wedding, and the number of people needing services. The maximum number of services I can provide is 10.

For those interested in being featured on my website as part of my wedding gallery please forward your digital pictures to Vange Quinn at

I'll look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is my trial held?
A: In my home / studio setting: 8473 Carmela Circle, Springfield, VA 22153

Q: What do I need to bring for a hair trial?
A: Whatever you plan to use on the day of your event. Pictures of favorite hairstyles, veil, tiara, decorative pins, etc.

Q: What do I need to bring for a makeup trial?
A: Nothing, just come clean faced with moisturizer on. If you want to bring a picture you can.

Q: What do I need to bring for a makeup lesson?
A: Any makeup you currently use, along with your brushes. If you have no makeup or brushes just bring yourself. I always make recommendations. And for those who do bring makeup, I will weed out what you can still use along with making sure you are using the correct brushes.

Q: How did you get started doing weddings, and how long have you been doing them?
A: I was working doing hair and makeup on a bridal publication back in 2000, an intern asked if I'd be willing to do her wedding and that's how it all began!

Q: On which days are hair and makeup trials hosted?
A: Friday (11am, 1pm, and 3pm)

Q: How many hair and makeup appointment can be booked in one session?
A: 8 services (4 hair + 4 makeup). If appointments are scheduled in advance, additional services can be performed on the same day with the help of assistants.

Contact Info

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I am always honored when asked to do wedding hair and makeup. I take much pride in helping my brides look and feel fabulous on their most special day.